Political Dating Sites are Hot New Dating Niche.

In terms of having a long-term relationship, raising children, and settling down, studies have shown that the majority of American people want to be in that long-term relationship with someone who shares their political views.  This is to be expected, it is difficult enough to share your life with another person but if you disagree on such fundamentals as welfare and education you are never going to have a smooth ride home.


Whereas it has been pretty normal for dating websites to focus on religion or hobbies the political dating arena has been sorely neglected.   This is the driving force behind the new website www.politicaldating.net which has already attracted many members from all sides of the American political spectrum.   As the founder – Dr. Miller points out ” political dating is now a new niche in the dating market”


So he believes that his site www.politicaldating.net is a vote for strong longterm relationships based around shared beliefs in current affairs and political awareness.  So the next time you are looking at the plethora of dating sites on offer think for a moments about what really counts in your life and if politics is high on that list then maybe a political dating website is the thing for you.


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