All the nice girls love a uniform

There is nothing like a uniform to start the pulse racing.  Whether it is a fireman or a Horse Guard there is something special about the braid and the sparkly buttons.  Women in uniform are cool too.  There is a great site for uniform dating called   it is a great place to go – even for a traffic warden!!!

Swedish dating – sexy Scandinavian blondes are waiting..

If the thought of having a sizzling blonde swede under your duvet appeals to you ten the swedish dating market is very ready to accomodate you.  There are lots of swedish dating sites out there and mst of them also cover the other Scandinavian countries too.  Scandnavian dating is a true niche sector for people who enjoy the sexy blonde look in their lovers.

Goth Dating – a cool alternative for 2011

With all the interest in vampire literature and the supernatural it is only to be expected that the dating industry has found an interesting niche in goth dating.  There are already many websites to cater to this exciting alternative market.   Goth websites like gothdesires are typical of the sector.  They are great sites if you are young and have a rebellious but romantic spirit and see yourself as ‘different’ from your peers.


Adham 1910 asked:

does it really desreve what poeple do for it?why do the secrify by all they have to show it?LOVE is suffering,missing,tears,?y y y y????????????????????

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jmk asked:

Is there such a thing as love, or is it just another kind of fairytale painted to mislead us all? What is the difference between caring and loving? Can one really be totally ‘in love’ with someone?

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laura asked:

how do i know if i am really in love with my boyfriend…i mean i have always thought i was and we have been together for over two and a half years but we argue about stupid things that dont even matter…i dont think people in love should really care about the stupid little things that dont matter…


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥?

Kate asked:

Are you in love with anybody?

If not who was the last person you fell in love with.

MP: Milkshake or Thickshake?
I’m in Love and have been for almost 10yrs with my gorgeous girlfriend ♥Lenna♥

♥ Milkshake – My wild guess is Milkshake :p
♥ Bridge – A thickshake is almost the same as a milkshake but it uses slightly melted ice cream instead of milk

What's a teen romance book similar to When It Happens and This Lullaby?

beccaboo92 asked:

I want the book to be a teen romance that focuses mainly on the romance and not so much friends or parental issues or stuff. I mean, it can have that, but I want it to be essentially romance. And teen romances. Yeah. Any suggestions?

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What makes a romance language and what are some romance languages?

With her head in the clouds asked:

I know French, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian and I think Spanish are all romance languages. Are there any more and what makes the ones above romance languages?


What makes a romance novel exciting other than the obvious romance and relationship?

R. R. Pearson asked:

Other than sex scenes, the relationship and the romance what makes a romance novel exciting? What background story or plot line makes a good romance novel?