Lovers Like to Travel

Everyone likes to travel especially lovers.  There is nothing more romantic than to get on a flight and head for some delightful destination – maybe in Asia or the Pacific.  Fortunately there are some very competitive hotel booking companies out there who will save you a lot of money on your booking.   So why not pack a bag, grab your partner and zoom off into the sunset.  You will be glad you did – it will certainly add some sparkle to your romance.


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Find Sex in London in Time for 2012 Olympics

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laura asked:

how do i know if i am really in love with my boyfriend…i mean i have always thought i was and we have been together for over two and a half years but we argue about stupid things that dont even matter…i dont think people in love should really care about the stupid little things that dont matter…


What are ways i can romance my girlfriend but not having a lot of money?

Made in the 80s asked:

I really want to start romancing my girlfriend. She has been nothing but good to me and i want to show her more romance. I do have a job and work but i dont have money for fancy dinners & high prices items. Does anyone have any ideas for romancing my girlfriend without much money/