What's a teen romance book similar to When It Happens and This Lullaby?

beccaboo92 asked:

I want the book to be a teen romance that focuses mainly on the romance and not so much friends or parental issues or stuff. I mean, it can have that, but I want it to be essentially romance. And teen romances. Yeah. Any suggestions?

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What makes a romance novel exciting other than the obvious romance and relationship?

R. R. Pearson asked:

Other than sex scenes, the relationship and the romance what makes a romance novel exciting? What background story or plot line makes a good romance novel?


How do you write romance without making it sound sappy?

Chrissy Grace asked:

I’m working on a novel with a little bit of romance in it. The romance isn’t the central plot; the main focus is on an adventure/fantasy story. When I work in the little bits of romance, how do I avoid making it sound unrealistic? I want it to be believable because my hero and heroine aren’t exactly the sappy type. How do I write romance scenes without it being the cheesy “you are my life now” kind of thing?
Thanks in advance for the answers!


What are some good gay romance books hat i can read online?

john smith asked:

I want some romance books not erotica i dont mind if it has alittle in it but mainly i want it to be romance. I would like to be able to read them online and have them be free. Thanx!

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Books where the romance between the guy and girl is reversed?

Wolken asked:

Like the guy is the more submissive one in the relationship and the girl is more dominating. It has to be young adult. It doesn’t really need to be a romance book, it just needs to have that kind of relationship.
Just as note, I know that there are no truly defined roles for males and females when it comes to romantic relationships, but when I say the roles are reversed, I mean the ones you generally see in literature. Especially since Twilight came out.

Think of it as the opposite of Edward and Bella’s relationship.


Is there romance in A Great and Terrible Beauty and if not, what are good historical romance books for teens?

grapefruit lover asked:

I got A Great and Terrible Beauty, but it doesn’t come for a while. I like books with some romance, so I want to know if this book has any. Please don’t give away the story! Also, if you know any good historical romance novels for young adults, please tell me what they are and maybe the time period.

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What are good romance and mystery books you'd recommend?

Maple Bite asked:

I’m 13 years old and I love reading. I finish books within a day when I’m really into it. Some of my favorite genres are romance, mystery, and books that have to do with people around my age or above. At the book store there are to many books to choose from. I’m a good reader and I like challenging books. I’ve read books like Pride and Prejudice. Do you have any book recommendations?

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What good romance books/novels are there for teenage guys?

Seth asked:

I love romance books, but most romances from a male’s perspective seem superficial and generally not romantic enough, and romances about guys feel awkward. I love When it Happens (although I didn’t really like Take Me There) and I love John Green books (although not quite for the romance aspects of them). I also loved Beautiful Creatures. Thank you!

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What is the general structure of romance novels?

Blank Page asked:

I am looking to write my first mostly romance story during NaNoWriMo, so I am planning it now. It will be a fantasy romance.

However, I don’t read much romance. I have only read two romance novels in my entire life, so I’m not as sure about the structure. From what I can tell, the man and woman usually get stuck together for some reason (and it will be a heterosexual novel) but they don’t actually like each other very much. During the time they’re stuck together, they fall in love but are prevented from being together for some reason, usually relating to the reason they are together in the first place. Then they overcome whatever is keeping them apart (so to speak) and they can be together.

Is that the gist of it? Can anyone elaborate further to give me a more detailed explanation?
NaNaWriMo, in case you don’t know, stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is a competition that takes place during the month of November, and writers try to create a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

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How are women portrayed in Arthurian romance and The Canterbury Tales respectively?

trinity l asked:

I need to write an essay. The actual essay prompt is:
Discuss the changes (or lack thereof) in the portrayal of women in Medieval literature from Arthurian Romance through the Canterbury Tales.

I’m confused about the prompt. Was there really much change between Arthurian romance and Canterbury tales? Weren’t they in the same time period? Any suggestions? Thanks!