How do you write romance without making it sound sappy?

Chrissy Grace asked:

I’m working on a novel with a little bit of romance in it. The romance isn’t the central plot; the main focus is on an adventure/fantasy story. When I work in the little bits of romance, how do I avoid making it sound unrealistic? I want it to be believable because my hero and heroine aren’t exactly the sappy type. How do I write romance scenes without it being the cheesy “you are my life now” kind of thing?
Thanks in advance for the answers!



blondie_chic asked:

I’ll be filming a romance movie soon. I’m the lead character so is it hard to kiss a guy you don’t really know? Do you think we should do something together to get to know eachother more before we start filming, like getting the costumes or stuff?

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What are some good gay romance books hat i can read online?

john smith asked:

I want some romance books not erotica i dont mind if it has alittle in it but mainly i want it to be romance. I would like to be able to read them online and have them be free. Thanx!

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