What kind of romance could I add to a fan fiction story with avatar last airbender?

Crimsontide’13 asked:

I wanted to do a story of romance with me and Mai together. I was thinking little things like giving her foot rub or something. I have been wanting to write fan fiction on Avatar Last airbender. I have decided that I will be in the story, and characters will be limited. The setting is in the mountians, in either a log cabin (cedar) or a Chinese style house like in the show already.

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GuitarChik asked:

i’m looking for some animes with a lot of romance in it, that have like some hot guys or the cute girls in it. like gakuen alice , mermaid melody, card-captor sakura, tokyo mew mew, these r just some of my favorite, i usually like animes when they guys fall in love w/h the girl first, instead of the girls always going ga-ga over them like cardcaptor sakura or gakuen alice, if u happen 2 come across any animes that have the things i said above, please please please tell me. i’m running out of good romance animes 2 watch. thanks a bunch,♥

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