What are some really good romance lifetime movies?

mel asked:

I remember years ago lifetime used to show alot of romance movies and I used to love watching them, but now I don’t see them on as often, and I don’t remember what any of them were called.

So suggest some good romance lifetime movies to me! Thanks.

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What are good romance and mystery books you'd recommend?

Maple Bite asked:

I’m 13 years old and I love reading. I finish books within a day when I’m really into it. Some of my favorite genres are romance, mystery, and books that have to do with people around my age or above. At the book store there are to many books to choose from. I’m a good reader and I like challenging books. I’ve read books like Pride and Prejudice. Do you have any book recommendations?

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jasmine asked:

Hey,I really like romantic movies and one of the best best movies to me is CITY OF ANGELS(meg rayan and nicolas cage)It’s old i know,but I really like it ,don’t you?so..that was my favourite,what’s yours??

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